- Chocolate

- Carrot

- Banana






- Banana-chocolate chips

- Cranneberry-orange

- Blueberry

- Carrot-raisin



Black Bean brownies


- Peanut butter-chocolate chip

- Oatmeal-chocolate chip

- Coconut-white chocolate

- Energie!




A huge thanks to my very talented friend Fida for taking pictures of my desserts. 

Visit her blogue : sweetandsavory

819 360-1333

 Delicious & Nutritious !




Delicious desserts made with...

Vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains...

Low in sugar and fats (50-75% less then regular recipes)

High quality cane sugar and coconut palm sugar

(rich in nutrients and lower glycemic index)

Good fats : Grape seed oil and Coconut oil

Partly Organic

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

 Many gluten free desserts available and requests are welcome.


   Client comments :

Nina (30/01/15) : Tes truffes sont décadentes! Une parfaite boule d'énergie et merci encore pour cette belle découverte.

Randal (CHEZ 106 FM  le 30/01/15) : thanks for the delicious desserts.  They were all DELICIOUS!

Dan (1/02/15) : tes truffes sont surprenantes, délicieuses et santé!   Quelle belle surprise ce sera pour ma femme à la St-Valentin. 
Les cupcakes sant aussi excellent, celui-ci je le garde pour MOI!



 For a guilt free healthy treat, an anniversary, an evening with friends or family or for your work collegues, offer them something different, something of superior quality :



Delices Sublimes


New: Birthday cakes available.  Round, square, rectangle or cupcake animals :



















Visit the section dessert descriptions and prices and sales locations for more information on how to have your cake and eat it too, guilt free!