Interactive dessert course at

C'est bon cooking October 11th  5:30-8:30

in collaboration with

Chef Georges Laurier

95$per person

PULSES COURSE (legumes, beans & sprouts)


It's the international year of the pulses

See :





Choose 4 to 7 people to join you at your home for a private nutritious and delicious course

75$ per person


Special: groups of 8 and over

60$ per person


Host receives a surprise gift basket of Delices Sublimes desserts worth 25$


To book or for more information call:

819 360-1333


Why include pulses in your diet:

- Low fat and High fiber : can help lower cholesterol levels (6-14g per cup)

- Excellent source of protein : 1 cup = same amount of protein as 2-3 oz of chicken-beef or fish

-Sprouts are very digestible, rich in enzymes, and offer an excellent range of nutrients

- Rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin E and B

- In all can help contribute in preventing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes


3 course options :

Course 1) Appetizers and sprouting

Course 2) Main dishes

Course 3) Desserts and snacks

(includes a Delices Sublimes dessert)

Can mix courses (ex. main meal and desserts)


Minimum 7-8 written recipes, 4-6 recipes demonstrated and sampled in class

bring your appetite !



Course given by a certified

Naturopathic nutritionist :

Mrs. Julie Barbeau Capruciu ND.A.


For reservations, please leave your name, e-mail and phone number in CONTACT

or call me (Julie) at

819 360-1333